Sunday, January 8, 2012

High Energy Sunday

For anyone living in the Northeast I have one question. What the F*** is up with winter? It's weird, it's.. sort of cold but no snow. I'm someone who gets MAJOR spring fever, and that's the way I feel lately. A little too wired, a little too jittery dying to go bask in the warm sun, but it's cold. So I'm stuck inside and it drives me crazy. I'll feel a little better come Imbolc. That's usually when I take a deep breath and remember that Spring is just around the corner. Today seems to be an especially hyper day but it is Sunday after all and is powered by the energy of the Sun, not to mention there's a full moon out tonight. So all of those things combined together are leaving me feeling manic.

Last month I did a post on nourishing your inner masculine where I talked about remembering the duality within each of us and the fact the Goddess and the God are inside all of us, no matter what our gender. I've taken great strides toward attuning myself to that energy and it's definitely helped. No more nightmares about my husband leaving me, no more feeling soft and helpless. I've found the my inner hunter.

Despite all of this though I still feel more connected to the Goddess. I tend to think of Spring and Autumn as the Goddess seasons while Summer and Winter are the God seasons. During the days of the Goddess are definitely when I feel more alive, and lately that's the way I feel. With the seasons being so.. off it leaves me feeling far too contained. Like my spirit is just too large for my body (my cat seems to sympathise, she's been going spastic). It's a good feeling but at night I feel drained, and during the day I have a hard time staying focused and getting things done.

Music seems to help funnel the extra energy so I spend a lot of time listening to music and dancing around.

My current selection

Does anyone else ever feel like this? If you do, how do you handle it? Do you have any special tricks for keeping yourself in check or do you just let it flow?

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