Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Pagan Movie - Made by Pagans for Pagans

A few days ago I received an email about a Pagan movie recently released on DVD called Dark of Moon. I had heard about this movie a few months back but hadn't heard anything new about it until very recently.

 ~"Dark of Moon centers around the Coven of the Mystick Light...a group that formed in college, lost some members to graduation and careers, and has settled down into a comfortable practice for the past few years. The coven consists of two women (Beth and Sammi) and three men (Zeke, Miller, and Drew). They have no connection to any Tradition, and consider themselves leaderless, deciding everything on consensus.

But one of their members isn't happy. He feels like his spirituality, and his life, are stagnant. He wants to get more out of both, and a chance encounter with a Gardnerian Coven leads him to leave his old group to join a Traditional teaching coven.

This act shakes up the small circle. They all look at their lives, and decide that some things just aren't turning out the way they wanted. While some of it's members dedicate themselves towards finding a better job, the film focuses on Beth, who longs for a relationship that will both warm her heart and nurture her spirit. She drags her acid-tongued friend Sammi along for the ride, and their journey takes them from a Pagan activist group meeting, to a psychic development circle, an ADF Druid rite, all the way to the Gardnerian Covenstead where their friend defected to. Along the way Beth and Sammi have their eyes opened to many possibilities...and the audience gets to enjoy the ride"~
I get excited when I hear about any type of new Pagan art being released. Be that a new movie made by someone who actually knows what they're talking about, a new book, or a new musical artist. I also think that when this stuff comes out we should support it. If we keep putting our money into what's important to us we stop it from receding into the shadows of economic decline. When I buy my Llewellyn calendar every year I make sure I buy it from a local pagan shop, so I'll be sure to buy this film as soon as I can.
From all that I've seen and read this movie seems to be about REAL Pagans, no Satan, no ridiculous powers, no flaky hippies. Which is a nice change from the overly doctored Hollywood version. I loved Practical Magick, but let's face it, it wasn't all the practical. We can't jump off the roof and we can't light a candle by blowing on it.. even though that would be extremely awesome and save us all a bundle on lighters and matches. Most pagans, myself included,  nitpick at things like The Craft, and Buffy, and Charmed but it's not every day you see someone saying "you know what, I don't like what's out there so I'll create something different."
Dark of Moon is an independent  film directed, written, and produced by Taliesin Govannon and filmed by Noelle Bye Hanson. For more about the Cast and Crew and to purchase your copy visit Dark of Moon - The Official Movie Site.

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