Monday, January 30, 2012

Indoor Fire

Since the next Sabbat to come is a fire festival I wanted to do a quick little post telling everyone how to make an indoor, smokeless fire. This is perfect for anyone who lives in an apartment, has to little space outside for a fire, or for when it's just too damned cold outside.

Me and my husband have done this several times. It's beautiful and mesmerizing to watch. We're both a little fire crazy so this is a nice way to get our flame fix.

It is insanely simple to create and most of the ingredients you need you can find at a dollar store.

You will need :

Epsom Salts

Rubbing Alcohol

and a Mini Cauldron

or any other small cast iron pot.

You should also have something to put the fire out with if it gets out of control and something heat proof to rest the cauldron on. You can you a couple of bricks or a stone trivet. I just bought a rubber heat proof mat from the dollar store.

Pour 1/2 a cup of Epsom salts into your cauldron of choice and cover it with 1 cup of rubbing alcohol.
Light it with a match and enjoy the beautiful blue flames it creates.

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  1. this works great! i have used it before. thanks for posting!


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