Saturday, January 21, 2012

Be A Feminist, Not A Feminazi

This morning I decided to visit a site I haven't been to in about a year, Heartless Bitches International. I found it when I was a teenager and fell in love with their kick but, take charge, attitudes. I've found myself returning over the years to be tickled by their scathing wit, and to remind myself that there are like minded people living in the world today. One has to really look into and explore the site appreciate what they have to offer and to understand that they aren't really heartless, they just aren't ruled by their more tender feelings. Something everyone needs to step back from every once in a while.  
Gender equality is an integral part of my pagan beliefs and after a morning of having my feminist flame kindled I decided to share my own views on with a short series on feminism and female empowerment. There are 4 types of women who severely hinder the trail our fore mothers have blazed. First there are what I would call feminazis. By this I mean women who instead of wanting equality for women, want superiority. They think that for some reason their uterus grants them infinite rights that surpass others. They think that somehow it furthers their cause to treat all men like simple children. They lump all men into stereotypes just as demeaning as the ones they abhor being lumped into. Treating men like dirt doesn't do anything to prove they're mature reasonable adults who deserves equal or in their case superior treatment.
Then there are the princess feminazis who think that they're so wonderful they shouldn't have to do anything at all. They have no interest in being independent and standing on their own two feet. They'd rather live in a perpetual childhood that allows them to play all day, and all night and never have to contribute to their families, relationships and society at large. They want to rule the roost without putting in the work to earn them that right. These women seem to fancy themselves "Goddesses" who are alluring, brilliant, and so above the tasks of mere mortals that everyone else should wait on them hand and foot. Last I checked Goddesses have never been above putting in a hard day's work. While the aforementioned feminazis disrespect all men, the princess versions disrespect everyone, including their fellow women. The classic and nauseating passive-aggressive "femme-fetal". "Why no sir, I can't do that I'd chip a nail, you're a big strong man, can you do it? Oh it's done? Men are so easy to control." Gag!
The other side of the coin is the subservient slave. Men are the King's of their castles and should be left wanting for nothing. I don't what more I can say about these ladies, other than I pity them. Someone at some point in their lives beat into them that they aren't worth anything unless they're serving some man. While their situations are sad it's hard to feel for them since they won't leave the situation they're in.
The fourth and final kind of woman who needs an extreme wake up call are those that lead two lives. They play subservient slave for their husbands and then the ultimate feminazis while with their girlfriends. They moon over every new beau, and when the relationship ends they tell everyone within earshot that men are dogs and pigs. The female side of the nice-guy problem. For some reason they can't figure out why men don't want a women who cares so much, it must be because they're all shallow. They provide no positive example for other women or young girls and actually set us back on the road to an equal future.
If you're a woman and you find yourself in one of these categories don't get offended, you can change today. Also don't think I'm singling out women, men are just as bad and you can look for a post about them in the next few days.

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