Friday, January 13, 2012

The Fool

The cards begin at 0 with The Fool. The Fool represents the Questioner at some kind of beginning. Many see it as representative of the beginning of life itself, or adulthood. You can see where 1 is marked on the card that The Fool is on the cusp of something, about to step off a cliff. Now as the questioner we only see a very small portion of the cliff. It could be high and dangerous or low to the ground and safe. This is representative of being unaware of what is yet to come.
Where 2 is marked we can see that The Fool's face is upturned to the sky, ignoring what may come. This symbolizes a leap of faith. He is a free spirit willing to take risks, and dive in without looking. It may symbolize a spontaneous individual or perhaps one that needs a more spontaneous spirit.
Both 3 and 4 show the possible influences over The Fool. They could be perhaps what has driven him to his thoughtlessness. The sun at his back could be urging him on gently while the small white dog is more of a mystery. It could be a faithful companion or something nipping at his ankles pushing him away. This is something that relies entirely on the questioners interpretation.
5 shows The Fools arms open wide and his things packed. He is ready to face life head on and embrace it with all he has.
Key Words: Beginnings. Unaware. Leap of faith. Free spirit. Risk taker. Spontaneous. Thoughtlessness. Innocence. Naivety.
If you are someone who uses inverse means when doing a reading consider all of the qualities that were just presented. Think of the ways in which these could be a negative influence in one's life. Perhaps it is someone who purposefully ignores clear signs in order to carry on with irresponsible behavior.

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