Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tarot 101

Did you notice that little tab over there on the far right?
Something has inspired me to start offering some 101 information to help people learn more about Tarot cards.

I've been working with and studying Tarot cards for about Eleven years and have never been disappointed by what the cards have to tell me. Now when I say that, I don't mean that I've never had a negative reading. I certainly have. Every time I've had a negative reading and try to either A) ignore it, or B) scoff at it, the reading has come true anyways. Whenever I've had a negative reading and have tried to work with it I've been able to turn things around or at the very least come out on the other side with a little less shell shock.
Everyone has a different approach when using Tarot. Some use the cards as a meditation tool, some use them as a way to focus their perceived psychic abilities, and others use them simply as a divination tool. While some may argue that these are all similar approaches I feel that they are very different and the choice between the three gives insight into the person who is working with them.
Whether you are asking a serious question or are just looking to have a little fun Tarot Cards can be a powerful and exciting tool. I hope the knowledge I've gathered for myself will be useful to someone else.

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