Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nourishing My Inner Masculine

I had a very interesting experience the other day and I thought I would share.
Over the past few months I have been trying to get healthier. I haven't been feeling good, I've felt extremely run down, and nauseous, I've been getting headaches on and off and just feeling generally not well. So I tried to eat healthier and get more exercise and I was starting to feel a lot better, then with the craziness of life and the most recent Thanksgiving, things just got really off track.

So feeling a little self defeated I decided to meditate on it. I don't get a chance to meditate very often (3 year olds take away a lot of quiet time) but when I do it is VERY intense. When I meditate I use it to commune with my inner self, my ancestors, or the Gods.

On this particular occasion I was trying to talk to the Goddess and ask her for strength and the willpower to continue on my quest for health. From somewhere deep inside, a tiny voice I didn't recognize, and wasn't expecting told me You have the Goddess, you need the God. You need the strength and virility of the Hunter.

I was completely blown away by this revelation. I've said this before and I'll probably say it a million times more, I came to paganism because of its balance. Dark and Light, Hard and Soft, Warmth and Cold, Masculine and Feminine. However the male half is something I've always taken for granted. I suppose because I'm a woman I've always looked for the male energy to come from some outer source, some being other than myself. Something I've always know but never really explored is the fact that we all have male and female energy within us, and sometimes regaining balance is as simple as accepting our counterparts.

In A Witch's Book of Dreams by Karri Allrich (which was fabulous) she explores this concept of male and female counterparts and refers to a woman's male counter part as her Animus. She goes on to say

~A woman’s inner masculine soul twin that reveals himself in dreams. He may appear as a strong youth, a guide, a teacher, a lover. He delineates her inherent spiritual muscle; the courage to speak up, share ideas, initiates projects, works in the world, venturing into the realm of ideas and self-expression. As the Daimon Lover, he may show up as a mysterious guide holding a lantern in the dark passage for the dreamer to see her soul path more clearly. Through maturity, growth, and balance a woman will embrace her masculine aspect and become whole. How he appears in her dreams will be a clue as to how developed he is within her.~

What a fascinating concept that is! As I contemplated this I realized it also fits with other areas of my life. I've been having these terrible nightmares that my husband is either leaving me or cheating on me. After I learn of this (in the dreams) I always feel weak and helpless. In these dreams I always identified him as my husband but it was never actually my husband. I could never see his face, it didn't sound like him, and his personality never fit. So perhaps it was simply my Animus reaching out to me showing me how neglected he was. Showing me that I NEED him to help me be strong.

Now this isn't going to be an ideal that sits well with many feminists but it is true we all need our male or female counterpart in order to survive. Even same sex couples need to seek out sperm, or an egg and a womb if they want children. No one can go it alone.

Anyways, I just thought I would share all of these thoughts with you and maybe get you to think about your own Animus, (or Anima for the men). Is he/she nourished, cared for, accepted, and celebrated. If there is some type of imbalance in your life perhaps you can look there.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Great Cause!

Today in my email I got a newsletter about 2011's Operation Circle Care. It's an opportunity for those of us in the Pagan community to give back to our much overlooked Pagan Service men and women (please note I use Pagan as a blanket term) during the holiday season.
Please check out this article as it includes all of the necessary information for donating and signing up a loved one.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Energy

Tonight I am full of happy energy, probably because I have had an amazing week. Tuesday I had a romantic dinner date with my husband and went to see the newest Twilight movie which was incredible. This is just a small note to the critics who had nothing but bad to say about the movie, such as it was slow or "romanticized beating woman in the bedroom" (insanely ridiculous comment). Just maybe you would have a different opinion if you had bothered to read the books, just saying. Of course your not going to like a movie near the end of a series that is based off of a book if you never read the book and are purely watching the movie just to give your opinion.

Thursday of course was Thanksgiving. We had a fantastic feast and had some much needed family time, then we took our little one to see the Muppets which totally reawakened the kid in me. It was sweet, and funny, and smart. It made me and my husband harbor a little bit of hope that maybe they would bring back the Muppets Tonight show.

Tonight of course is the New Moon, so I took the time to inscribe the candles I recently purchased while listening to Luna by Omnia, which is a beautiful song, perfect for meditating or simply relaxing. I'll try and post some pictures of the inscribed candles tomorrow. In the mean time, have a blessed New Moon, pamper your self a little and over all...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quick Note

You might notice that the You Won't Find This Here tab is missing, the information is still there. I've just decided to expand it into a much more informative About Me tab. Check it out for a little bit about my background and what I practice, and also for my contact info.
Blessed Be!

The Young Witches of Salem ?

Admittedly I was never a huge fan of the show, I thought it was a little cheesy, the production quality was poor, and about 90% of the cast were confusing to watch or immature. However that being said, where did it go? For two weeks now I have been waiting for episode 3 to come out, I really wanted this to be a good show, I did, and I hoped with time it would improve and get better.
With the mountains of Christian propaganda around and the limited to nil amount of entertainment and educational resources starring Pagans (sorry Sabrina, and Charmed don't count) it would be nice to see real Witches. Especially for someone who feels drawn to the practice but has been told their whole life that it's just a Satanic cult.

There's a part of me that's hoping their holding out because they're working hard on improving the quality of show, but if that's true some type of message from them would be nice, like Sorry for the wait but we're working behind the scenes to provide you with a better viewing experience. Or Due to negative feedback we're drawing back a little to recollect and figure out a better direction for this show. That shows commitment and maturity and dedication, and if they planned on canceling, even if the viewership was low, tell the viewers you do have what's going on, they deserve that much.

I'll keep looking and waiting to see what happens but I'm very disappointed in what I'm seeing so far.

Saturday Shopping

Very soon we will be adding a new addition to our little family, an adorable little kitten. Hopefully if all goes as planned we will be picking him up next weekend so yesterday we went out shopping for some much needed supplies. While we were out I just had to stop by my favorite nearby witchy shop, Some Enchanted Evening. If there is anyone reading who is in the area I highly recommend you check it out. The atmosphere is always warm and inviting, the staff is pleasant and helpful and they carry just about anything you might be looking for. The woman behind the counter yesterday was extremely warm and friendly. She helped me search the shelves for a book I was looking for, explained several products to my husband and attempted to keep my son entertained by striking up a conversation with him. Adrian doesn't take to everyone, he's very particular about who he likes and doesn't like but he warmed up to her almost immediately. I only wish I had gotten her name so I could give her a special shout out.

This is the mug that I just HAD to buy. I always have to have a spoon in my coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and I loved that this came with it's own little matching stirrer. I even saved the ribbon so I can keep them together when I'm not using them.

I saw a fabulous review of this book thanks to ABroomandTheMoon on YouTube and just had to pick it up for myself in honour of our furry little addition soon to come.

Unfortunately during the big power outage at the end of October I had to use up my moon phase candles so I bought some new ones.
The light pink will be the First Quarter Moon and is infused with Rose, Honeysuckle and Magnolia and is meant to be used to Manifest a Miracle which I thought went perfectly with the maiden phase of the moon.
The peach candle will be the Full Moon candle. It is infused with Orange Blossom, Chamomile, and Vanilla and was called Mother and well that's pretty much self-explanatory.
The brown candle will be the Last Quarter Moon. It is infused with Honey, Rosemary and Honeysuckle. It's meant to be used for Problem Solving, something we all know crones are fabulous for.
I'll be sure and post pictures after they are properly inscribed which I will be doing on the New Moon since that's a good time for meditation and reflection.
Blessed Be!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A letter to Pagans

For some reason during my dreams in the middle of the night my brain forms revelations. They may not be revelations for others, but for me it's a sense of all the cogs locking into their proper place on a subject I didn't even realize I was contemplating.

For some reason Christians (at least the ones I've encountered, obviously I can't speak for all) believe or are taught that Pagan's worship the devil. I know that's silly, you know that's silly, but for them it's the only thing that makes logical sense. You try to help them see differently but everything you say is just fruit of the same poisonous tree. You worship the devil so everything you say is wrong, or a lie, and you're simply sent to try to tempt them away from their convictions and to weaken their faith.

What most of us try to do is enlighten them to the fact that we don't even believe the devil exists. How can we worship something we don't believe in. The response I've always heard is "Satan's best trick is convincing you he doesn't exist". At this moment is where I've had my revelation. I think what's really happening is a theological language barrier. I really believe that when we tell them "I don't believe in Satan", they hear "I don't believe evil exists", and that's simply not true.

Now instead of assuming that we're outright animal sacrificing devil worshippers, we become something much more dangerous and naive. They believe we walk around with a free for all attitude and with no moral compass. We don't believe in sin so therefore we think all behavior is acceptable and since we don't answer to God we have nothing to make us feel remorse when we've hurt someone or done something wrong.
Oh how wrong they are. Of course we believe evil exists and of course we know the difference between right and wrong. We just don't think a finger can be pointed at specific being when we do something wrong, unless we're pointing that finger at ourselves. When we've hurt someone it's not because we were weak and taken over by Satan. We put the full responsibility and blame on our own shoulders. We know that it's happened not because of a weakness in faith but because of a weakness in our compassion and empathy. We believe this is something we should atone for not because someone's wagging a heavenly finger at us but because we know how it feels to be hurt and wouldn't wish it on anyone else. Sometimes this is purely unintentional but we still work and try to make it right.

Just as I can't speak for all Christians I also can't speak for all Pagans. I can't say we're all moral, upstanding, compassionate people. We're as different as the rest of the world regardless of religious affiliation. I can however speak for myself. I don't believe in Satan but I do believe in evil (some simply call it negative energy). I also believe that as in the great balance of life, there is evil inside of all of us. That snarky comment we could stop from floating to the surface of our consciousness, a sense of uncontrolled satisfaction at seeing someone we don't care for fail, and while I acknowledge and embrace it as part of my being, I put it's energy to other uses. If I don't like the way someone behaves I take that evil seed of unacceptance and allow it to blossom into wisdom by meditating on why it bothers me so much, and how I can use it to become a better person.

So I guess this is a letter to both Christians and Pagans alike. To the Christian's yes we understand the difference between right and wrong, even without your God. To the Pagan's simply try to understand that they've simply given their evil a name, and they think by denying the name they've given we deny the existence of it's force.

See, it's simply a theoligical language barrier.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Reading

Here are two fabulous articles very much worth reading.

Living Pagan

Pagans, gays, acceptance make church community grow
(this is so inspiring)

Enjoy and Blessed Be! )O(

Monday, November 14, 2011


I am definitely looking forward to Pixar's new animated film Brave. This looks like a fabulous movie to take your little Witchlets to or maybe just go yourself. My son's a hit or a miss in a theatre so I might just go with my husband and enjoy it just the two of us. We can always rent it to watch with him later. Summer of 2012 is looking to be a very good season for movies.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Snow White and the Huntsman

This movie looks fabulous. While it seems to stray from the original story and has Snow White and the Huntsman fall in love I don't care and am actually excited. The Huntsman always played a small but much more interesting role than the Prince and it will be good to see his character fully realized. Not to mention, Princes are an utter cliche and lets admit it ladies as daughters of the Goddess wouldn't we all rather end up with a huntsman anyways.

Friday, November 11, 2011


In the Celtic Calender today is Lunantishees. Faeries called Lunantishees are honored on this day, they are the guardians of blackthorn trees or sloes and permit no one to cut blackthorn branches today. It was considered prudent in olden times to leave an offering of cake, butter, and milk or ale outside the door or on a windowsill, in order to procure the Lunantishees' good favor and avert the mischief they can cause. Some consider this a general festival honoring all the Faerie Sidthe

Just disgusting!

Today I read an article from the Huffington post about two ladies who lured a man into their home for  a "Satanic Sex Stabbing". Now I'm not a satanist, and I don't know anyone personally who is. However I've read enough about Anton Levey that I know he doesn't preach this stuff. Satanists believe your only god should be yourself, Essentially they worship vanity and self pleasure and believe the only sin is stupidity. They don't tell you to sacrifice people or stab them repeatedly during sex.

What bothers me further is with the very narrow scope most people outside of the Pagan community have they're going to see the words Satanic and Occult and say to themselves "I knew all those Pagan's were devil worshippers".

I don't even honestly believe these women, or the one that the finger was pointed at rather, really believe they are practicing any sort of religion. Obviously they're touched in the head and they probably concocted and acted out this plan to satisfy some sort of sick sexual urge they both shared. Everyone who gets a yen for some kinky violent sex likes to label themselves as Satanic, as if somehow that just explains everything.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wildcrafting Rosehips

I went for a walk with my son this morning hoping to harvest some rosehips but alas I think the storm might have destroyed most of the wild rose bushes that grow near us. Not to mention, with all the snow we just had it's probably too late anyway. So instead I'll just share some information about them and maybe you'll be able to pick some for yourself!

Rosehips are rich in Vitamin C and are good for all manner of things from jelly to wine and tea. Roses themselves are edible and are related to such fruits as apples and plums. The rosehips themselves actually taste somewhat like apple. Unlike apples however there isn't much flesh to these small red beauties so the more you have the better. After the rose blossom begins to die the green hip (hypanthium) begins to swell. This is found at the base of the rose blossom and turns red when it is ripe beginning in approximately mid September depending on your area.

Magickal Uses for Rosehips:
  • Love
  • Psychic Powers
  • Healing
  • Divination
  • Luck
  • Protection
  • Calling Good Spirits
I hope you have better luck harvesting than I did, and if you do make sure to tell us what you did with them.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Young Witches of Salem Ep.2

This episode introduced an interesting concept of combining magic (as in stage magic) with magick (as in the art) and featured guest star Daniel Greenwolf who is a second generation Wiccan. The first trick he showed was the disappearing paper trick which as he said can be used for releasing negativity and banishing. I do have to say though that I've been doing this for years as a simple ritual to release a spell into the universe.

They all still seemed pretty immature except for Foxglove who was new. I really liked her and she seemed to be the most self contained and articulate Young Witch of the group. They have an interview between her and the author of the Night Circus but the background audio needed to be filtered out and I couldn't really understand what they were saying.

The last thing I wanted to comment on, was a rather irritating ramble from Caitlin Rose about the evils of consumerism, and how money doesn't mean anything. Hun you're holding a coffee, obviously money means something to you because you bought that coffee with money, That is unless your prepared to tell everyone you bartered for it which I doubt. Your clothes were purchased with money, think before you open your mouth. In the last episode you said you wanted to be a role model and be the change in the world that you wanted to see. Well part of that is living up to your beliefs. Sorry that just really annoyed me. 

Has anyone else been watching the show, what do you think? Here's Episode Two if your interested in watching it.

Young Witches of Salem Ep.1

The first episode focuses on introducing each of the main characters and guest stars Therese Pendragon who practices with none other than Laurie Cabot.

I have to say while I do appreciate the effort and the thoughts behind the show.. it was a little silly. None of them seemed to be very serious about their craft and while laughter, fun, and frivolity should be a natural part of every day life when you're trying to help the world understand that you belong to a real religious practice giggling and looking at the wall and your shoes throughout your interview is not going to get anyone to take you seriously.

Also I can't say that I liked the plugs for Silver Ravenwolf. She writes fluffy books filled with misinformation (except for the information she borrows from others). It's hard to find someone believable when they are crediting her with helping them to find their path.

I appreciated Therese's opinions and knowledge . Especially the emphasis she puts on learning. I feel being part of being a Witch is the willingness to constantly learn and evolve just as the earth itself does but I didn't find her to be a very convincing speaker (I didn't think any of them were for that matter). The questions they asked and were asked themselves were fluffy and there didn't seem to be a lot of maturity.

Finally someone ends the show with saying that there is a Harry Potter and he's your next door neighbor. I understand they're trying to convey the impression that Witches are everywhere and you may never even know who is one, but when you're trying to dispel the myths surrounding your faith don't compare it to a fictionalized character who has no connection WHATSOEVER to real craft practice.

I'm going to try to keep up with the show and hopefully as they become more comfortable and confident behind the camera it will get better but we'll see.

Here's Episode One if you're interested in watching yourself.

Samhain Wrap-Up

In the interests of keeping everything condensed here is a series of articles I've found and wanted to share with you as kind of a wrap up of everything Samhain considering I wasn't able to post anything for the past week. I hope you enjoy the read!

Halloween 2011: Taming the Demons, Devils, and Pumpkins
(This is just plain silly)

A Scarecrow's origin may surprise you

Witchcraft in Williams Townships, a history of the good and evil

Listen Up, 'Sabrina' -- Real-Life Wiccans Speak

Also I'll be getting myself caught up on the Young Witches of Salem so I'll be sure to let you all know what I think soon.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Delay From Momma Nature

Well this is the first I've had power since last Saturday so I'm a little behind in everything. Mother Nature walloped us with one bitch of snow storm that was totally unexpected and there were power lines down everywhere.

I hope everyone had a festive Samhain. Did anyone have any supernatural experiences? I spent it contemplating how much more work goes into every day life when you don't have the convenience of electricity which I feel is fitting since that's how our ancestors lived. Adrian's trick-or-treating was rescheduled until tonight but I don't think he knew or cared that it was on the wrong day.

I've got a few updates to post and some good articles to tell you about so bare with me and I'll catch up soon. Something you may notice soon is a lot of visual changes to the page, I'm someone who likes to flow with the seasons and as Samhain is now over I will be changing things up and getting myself in the mood for Yule. I hope you enjoy the changes to come and as always you feedback is welcome. Blessed Be!

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