Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday Shopping

Very soon we will be adding a new addition to our little family, an adorable little kitten. Hopefully if all goes as planned we will be picking him up next weekend so yesterday we went out shopping for some much needed supplies. While we were out I just had to stop by my favorite nearby witchy shop, Some Enchanted Evening. If there is anyone reading who is in the area I highly recommend you check it out. The atmosphere is always warm and inviting, the staff is pleasant and helpful and they carry just about anything you might be looking for. The woman behind the counter yesterday was extremely warm and friendly. She helped me search the shelves for a book I was looking for, explained several products to my husband and attempted to keep my son entertained by striking up a conversation with him. Adrian doesn't take to everyone, he's very particular about who he likes and doesn't like but he warmed up to her almost immediately. I only wish I had gotten her name so I could give her a special shout out.

This is the mug that I just HAD to buy. I always have to have a spoon in my coffee, tea, or hot cocoa and I loved that this came with it's own little matching stirrer. I even saved the ribbon so I can keep them together when I'm not using them.

I saw a fabulous review of this book thanks to ABroomandTheMoon on YouTube and just had to pick it up for myself in honour of our furry little addition soon to come.

Unfortunately during the big power outage at the end of October I had to use up my moon phase candles so I bought some new ones.
The light pink will be the First Quarter Moon and is infused with Rose, Honeysuckle and Magnolia and is meant to be used to Manifest a Miracle which I thought went perfectly with the maiden phase of the moon.
The peach candle will be the Full Moon candle. It is infused with Orange Blossom, Chamomile, and Vanilla and was called Mother and well that's pretty much self-explanatory.
The brown candle will be the Last Quarter Moon. It is infused with Honey, Rosemary and Honeysuckle. It's meant to be used for Problem Solving, something we all know crones are fabulous for.
I'll be sure and post pictures after they are properly inscribed which I will be doing on the New Moon since that's a good time for meditation and reflection.
Blessed Be!

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