Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Energy

Tonight I am full of happy energy, probably because I have had an amazing week. Tuesday I had a romantic dinner date with my husband and went to see the newest Twilight movie which was incredible. This is just a small note to the critics who had nothing but bad to say about the movie, such as it was slow or "romanticized beating woman in the bedroom" (insanely ridiculous comment). Just maybe you would have a different opinion if you had bothered to read the books, just saying. Of course your not going to like a movie near the end of a series that is based off of a book if you never read the book and are purely watching the movie just to give your opinion.

Thursday of course was Thanksgiving. We had a fantastic feast and had some much needed family time, then we took our little one to see the Muppets which totally reawakened the kid in me. It was sweet, and funny, and smart. It made me and my husband harbor a little bit of hope that maybe they would bring back the Muppets Tonight show.

Tonight of course is the New Moon, so I took the time to inscribe the candles I recently purchased while listening to Luna by Omnia, which is a beautiful song, perfect for meditating or simply relaxing. I'll try and post some pictures of the inscribed candles tomorrow. In the mean time, have a blessed New Moon, pamper your self a little and over all...


  1. Mm, romantic dinners are my favorite. My Piano Man and I enjoy those very much, especially when we get to share a good movie, too. I haven't seen the latest Twilight. I'm glad you liked it. And about opinions, well, you already know everybody has one. What should count to you, is that YOU loved it.

    Continue basking in the happy energies, and let me know what you think about Witch Hunt after you read it. I think that one is INCREDIBLE ;-)

  2. I have and I LOVED it. This has probably been my favorite pagan themed novel. Devin is a fantastic writer and she really kept the characters true to reality (if that makes sense). I especially loved the chapters that explored the past and how she ties it into the present with Leah's scene in the kitchen. I really need to look up what else she's written.

  3. The reality of Devin's characters was what got me hooked. You just don't see enough of that. I also enjoyed (and was impressed by) the way she linked the past and the present. Devin is an artist indeed!


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