Friday, November 11, 2011

Just disgusting!

Today I read an article from the Huffington post about two ladies who lured a man into their home for  a "Satanic Sex Stabbing". Now I'm not a satanist, and I don't know anyone personally who is. However I've read enough about Anton Levey that I know he doesn't preach this stuff. Satanists believe your only god should be yourself, Essentially they worship vanity and self pleasure and believe the only sin is stupidity. They don't tell you to sacrifice people or stab them repeatedly during sex.

What bothers me further is with the very narrow scope most people outside of the Pagan community have they're going to see the words Satanic and Occult and say to themselves "I knew all those Pagan's were devil worshippers".

I don't even honestly believe these women, or the one that the finger was pointed at rather, really believe they are practicing any sort of religion. Obviously they're touched in the head and they probably concocted and acted out this plan to satisfy some sort of sick sexual urge they both shared. Everyone who gets a yen for some kinky violent sex likes to label themselves as Satanic, as if somehow that just explains everything.

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