Sunday, November 6, 2011

Young Witches of Salem Ep.1

The first episode focuses on introducing each of the main characters and guest stars Therese Pendragon who practices with none other than Laurie Cabot.

I have to say while I do appreciate the effort and the thoughts behind the show.. it was a little silly. None of them seemed to be very serious about their craft and while laughter, fun, and frivolity should be a natural part of every day life when you're trying to help the world understand that you belong to a real religious practice giggling and looking at the wall and your shoes throughout your interview is not going to get anyone to take you seriously.

Also I can't say that I liked the plugs for Silver Ravenwolf. She writes fluffy books filled with misinformation (except for the information she borrows from others). It's hard to find someone believable when they are crediting her with helping them to find their path.

I appreciated Therese's opinions and knowledge . Especially the emphasis she puts on learning. I feel being part of being a Witch is the willingness to constantly learn and evolve just as the earth itself does but I didn't find her to be a very convincing speaker (I didn't think any of them were for that matter). The questions they asked and were asked themselves were fluffy and there didn't seem to be a lot of maturity.

Finally someone ends the show with saying that there is a Harry Potter and he's your next door neighbor. I understand they're trying to convey the impression that Witches are everywhere and you may never even know who is one, but when you're trying to dispel the myths surrounding your faith don't compare it to a fictionalized character who has no connection WHATSOEVER to real craft practice.

I'm going to try to keep up with the show and hopefully as they become more comfortable and confident behind the camera it will get better but we'll see.

Here's Episode One if you're interested in watching yourself.

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