Saturday, November 5, 2011

Delay From Momma Nature

Well this is the first I've had power since last Saturday so I'm a little behind in everything. Mother Nature walloped us with one bitch of snow storm that was totally unexpected and there were power lines down everywhere.

I hope everyone had a festive Samhain. Did anyone have any supernatural experiences? I spent it contemplating how much more work goes into every day life when you don't have the convenience of electricity which I feel is fitting since that's how our ancestors lived. Adrian's trick-or-treating was rescheduled until tonight but I don't think he knew or cared that it was on the wrong day.

I've got a few updates to post and some good articles to tell you about so bare with me and I'll catch up soon. Something you may notice soon is a lot of visual changes to the page, I'm someone who likes to flow with the seasons and as Samhain is now over I will be changing things up and getting myself in the mood for Yule. I hope you enjoy the changes to come and as always you feedback is welcome. Blessed Be!

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