Friday, October 28, 2011

American Horror Story 4

It's Halloween !!

Wednesday's episode Halloween part 1 was amazing. First of let me just say that I LOVED Zachary Quinto as Chad, and I hope his character sticks around. Secondly Thank You AHS for including the accurate history of Samhain. That little scene made me appreciate and respect the show so much more. It's always nice when they put in the effort to make things historically accurate.

**Spoiler Alert** Now while I did feel really bad for Hayden I was kind of hoping that would be the end of her but in a show where the dead are constant characters I guess you can't really expect that. I still think Tate is a Ghost and the only reason he was able to walk among everyone else was because it was Halloween/ Samhain. Also did anyone else come up with the theory that the kicking that Vivien felt was that of the miscarried baby since it was able to "come back" for the night so to speak. I thought the scene with with Moira and her mother was very touching and sad and part of me wonders if Chad and Pat wanted Ben to take down the Gazebo so she could be free. I like that they are continuing to explain the history of the house and the first residents, and I wonder what's going to come of the Frankenstein like laboratory that was in the basement, and why Tate has such an obvious attachment to it.
On a slightly different topic I feel very sorry for Addy, all she wanted was to be a pretty girl for one night and it was over. Something tells me though that we haven't seen the last of her.  

Something my husband keeps asking is "Who is the black condom!" but along with that he's also come up with a very interesting and insightful theory on what it is. Perhaps it's the physical manifestation of the darkness within the house. So with all of those questions and the huge cliff hanger they left us with I can not wait to tune in next Wednesday!

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