Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So We're on This Again are We

Over at the Huffington post there's a cute little article on whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween based on it's connection to paganism. Surprisingly enough there are even Pagans who wonder whether or not they should send their little ones out begging for candy since trick-or-treating has become so secularized and removed from the pagan tradition. Before I say anything I would just like to state that this is my personal opinion and everyone should do what feels right for them and their families.

That being said considering the fact that oh... 90% of our traditions and holidays have been... well lets say borrowed and stripped to remove any connection it once had to it's original purpose I'm pretty sure there's no worry that dressing up in a costume and stuffing yourself with fun-sized snickers one night a year is going to associate you with being a pagan. While Samhain is becoming ever more present as more and more pagans work their way out of the broom closet, trick-or-treating isn't an ancient ritual for bringing back Aunt Sally from the dead. It's also not connected to the ancient Celtic God of the Dead Sam Hain (ya hear that Supernatural IT'S NOT, do your homework!). It's not connected to any god for that matter. It was simply the final harvest of the year and a time to remember and acknowledge those who have passed on. Some believe it is a time of the year when the dead can more easily communicate with the living (me being one of them). However believing this isn't really a prerequisite for being pagan.

Do any of those things remind you of a bunch of 3 year olds dressed as the Lion King (that's who Adrian wants to be) didn't think so. So while Christians are once again trying to put yet another spin on a holiday that was never theirs to begin with so they can eat candy guilt free, and some Pagans are fretting over letting little Starshine dress as the Wicked Witch because of it's stereotypical implications we will be trick-or-treating, because it's fun and it doesn't hurt anyone. We'll also be taking him to do grave rubbings, and leaving pieces of cake and cookie for the ghosts that might want to visit in the night. Stop worrying, in the words of the fabulous Bette Middler "It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus" ;-)

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