Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An Esbat and a Horror Story

If you've glanced at the moon phase tab you may have noticed that today is the day of the Blood Moon.
Hello October Esbat! I always light a red candle during a full moon to represent the blood mysteries and pay homage to the divine mother deity. I know I'll be working with my tarot later this evening and if it stays nice perhaps a moon walk. And lets not forget a little energy raising sex. Moons are generally representative of female deities. But today's moon is also associated with Gods of the hunt. So why not celebrate the energies of male and female power coming together.

One of the many things that's had me continually coming back to paganism throughout the years and finally claiming it as my path is the balance of everything. Things may not always be alike, but they are always equal. Night / Day, Light / Dark, Above / Below, Male / Female, and all are equally important. I know there are many feminists out there who like to go on and on about our ability to give birth, but we couldn't do it alone, and neither could the men. Even with today's evolution of science, with sperm banks and fertility doctors both elements are still necessary.

Also tonight is the second episode of American Horror Story. Did anyone watch the first episode?

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