Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Things in my life, while they haven't been crazy have left me in a state of mental upheaval. We desperately need to move out of here and both my husband and I have been working our buts of trying to make it possible. As per the Witchy Reading Challenge I've been doing a lot of extra reading lately and am just about finished with Book 2. So you can expect my review of it soon (it's not going to be pretty).

On Sunday I turned 25. The glorious man in my life took the day off from work and my mother watched Adrian so we could go out to breakfast, and then off to a day of lingerie shopping. Yes, I have a sick obsession with bras and panties, I'll have 30 bras and one pair of jeans and be totally okay with it. My mother cooked my favorite dinner, pot roast with mushrooms and root veggies, and a black forest cake for dessert. (YUM!) 

As happens every year I realize just how much older I'm getting and I spent most of the day joking that I was half way to 50, and 5 years from 30 (aging has always been a big deal to me, not sure why), and I did have to internalize that 25 is a big milestone. If 50 is middle aged then isn't 25 like quarter aged? I know that sounds silly but to me that means a whole 1/4th of my life is gone and never coming back. I've contemplated stuff like this for my entire life.

Much like when I first turned 18 it leaves me with a feeling that things NEED to change. It really forced me to evaluate my life. What do I want the next 25 years of my life to entail? Do I want to be here? God's No. I want us to be out, and on our own, and independent, preferably long before I'm 30. It's important to make the best of the situation you're in but it's also important to strive for better at all times. Also much like when I turned 18 that feeling brings a change on the horizon. I started dating my husband when I was 18 we were married at 19 and I never looked back.

So here's to the upcoming year and a hope that things will be different.

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