Monday, February 27, 2012

WARNING, This Will Be A Rant!

I am so sick of hearing about religion and faith in the damned news. If you are a person of faith whatever that faith may be, by all means celebrate it, but stop using it as a damned badge to get recognized. Every fucking day I have to hear about athletes that pray, and this person's Pastor or Minister, and who goes to what church. Who's Christian, and who's not Christian enough. Prayer in school.. every pointless thing that doesn't belong in the news.

First of all, what happened to News being about.. I don't know News. Stuff like murders, shootings, people going to court for fraud, what buildings have burned down, high profile places that have been robbed, major accidents. Every time it gets turned on I hear about religion and what celebrities are doing. I know there are going to be some people who say well just turn it off. Believe me I would love too. However, I do live with my parents, the T.V. is theirs, and they decide what we watch.

I don't want to confuse anyone into thinking I'm this severely depraved person who wants nothing more than to see tragedy.. I don't. I think it's fabulous if they have nothing awful to report. I'm thrilled to pieces but that news is so slow they have to put on these windbags.. but then these same windbags get on T.V. and try to tell us that the world is going to shit and we all need to turn to Jaay-zus in order to save ourselves. It is? We do? If there is so little going on that they put you on television I highly doubt it. If there is fire in the streets and things are so awful, worse than they ever have been, let me see it.

They want us to believe that everything is so bad, that we have to return to traditions family ("fundamental Christian") values, or things are just going to get worse. They are convinced that the world is just filled with degenerates. Last I knew, studies show that crime rates are low as opposed to the past. Bullies are no longer cool and the small and voiceless are taking a stand. Why is that bad. They think people who have no interest in harming others and simply wish to seek a happy and fulfilling life where they don't have to pretend to be someone they aren't are the enemy. Why?

They want us to go back words in time where politics can dictate what people believe in, where women have no rights, where the LGBT hide and cower in fear of discovery. Why? Why are these buffoons aloud to spread their filth, hate, and misinformation on the NEWS? Does that make any sense to anyone. People boycotted the Dixie Chicks because they didn't like Bush, but people get on the News every day and bash Obama, and that's okay??

Sorry if this rambled or seemed a little disjointed but this shit just makes no sense to me.

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