Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fitness Update

If you read my post yesterday I gave you a mini update of my fitness progress. I had a little chat with my husband explaining what my current goals are and how long I want it to take to get there. I wanna do this slowly. I'm thinking 40 pounds in a year with 20 pounds lost at the half year mark. I think that's reasonable.

I'm trying to measure more by clothing size than weight, scales can be deceptive (i.e. it says I already lost 6 pounds and I'm not entirely sure how accurate that number is) but I'm checking my weight at certain intervals just to give myself a little update on where I am. I know that my weight will probably fluctuate a little but I'm just going to take an average and as long as the number is dropping I'll be happy.

I made a little goal chart and wrote out exactly what I want and how I want to do it using my Drop a Dress Size book. They suggest you plan out your goals using the SMART system.

Specific: Figure out exactly what you want and why you want it.
Measurable: How will you measure your progress
Attainable: Is this really what you want and are you sure it can be done
Realistic: Make sure your goals make sense for you and your lifestyle, not someone else's.
Time-framed: Make a timetable with checkpoints of long and short term goals. Also make sure you have a start and end time for when you want your goal to be met.

It's nice to set yourself up for success and also to see what you want in black and white and make sure it really resonates with you.

The next thing I need to do to keep myself on the right path is do a little shopping. I need a set of 3-5 pound weights and some new sneakers.

Is anyone else on a weight loss journey, share your story and any tips or tricks you've discovered with us.

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