Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting on the Right Track

Weight has been something I've struggled with since I was about 9. Before then I was pretty average. I had a good appetite but I was really active. I was outside ALL of the time. I played hard, I climbed trees, hiked mountains, ran, rode bikes, you name it, I probably did it. I hit puberty early, and when that happened ... it was like I didn't want to do anything anymore. My activity level dropped. I started to eat even more and before I knew it I was a teenager with a growing weight problem.

I would go on these health ... kicks. For a couple days I would try to eat less and exercise more, but I never had a support system. My parents would do the same thing, get in a healthy mood and try for a week or so but then a big dinner or holiday would role around and everything would go back to normal. Any time I really tried to stick to my guns all of a sudden it felt like I was under a microscope by everyone in my family. They would either tease me, tell me I was doing everything wrong, or give me an endless stream of nonsensical advice that never felt like it would work for me. So I would give up.

Well here I am 25 years old, I still have a weight problem and now I'm a mother. I have to set a good example for my son, it's my responsibility to teach him about healthy eating and exercise habits. What's more is I want to be healthier. I don't want to have to feel self-conscious about my weight. I want to be stronger, and more flexible, and more awake, with more even moods. I want to have pride in myself.

I don't want to keep going on these health binges only to fall off the wagon and be even more disappointed in myself. So here's where I need a little help. If you have any health tips you want to share with me please do!! I'm going to start trying to be more accountable for myself and as I learn more and gather more info for my own journey I'll share it and hopefully it will be of use to someone.

Step 1: I'm going to have an open and honest conversation with my husband about what I want for myself and what I'm going to need from him to keep me on the right track.

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