Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pagan Parenting in the Dark

Something fairly upsetting happened about a month ago. We took our son out to lunch and a group of old women in blue came in (ironically they were nuns). Well my son immediately hid his face and said they were Witches and he hated Witches because they were scary. Both me an my husband explained to him that just being elderly doesn't make someone a Witch and even if they were Witches he had nothing to be afraid of because not all Witches are bad, in fact a large portion of them are very good. He said oh and moved on. I don't believe in over explanations. I address the stuff that is said or asked and try not to explain more than he can handle.

Well at the beginning of last week he found a toy in his collection of someone with a scary green mask that can be lifted up and down. He told me that the mask made him a Witch and he was mean and scary. I immediately had yet another conversation that the mask was just a mask, that Witches don't really look like that, and being a Witch doesn't make someone mean or scary. He said okay but he's 3. Yet again I am faced with another problem from having to hide my faith. How do I get him to understand that cartoon Witches aren't real portrayals of us if I can't even admit that I am one.

We've taken him to various pagan shops with us and I've tried reading him pagan friendly stories but other than that I am lost at what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions of movies I can watch with him, books we can read or projects we can do to help him understand? If anyone else has faced this problem tell us what you did or how you handled it.


  1. You might have said this already but why are you hiding your faith from your son?

    1. I'm not really hiding it from him. The problem is basically that he's 3 and I have to be careful what he says. We live with my parents who are super devout Christians who would be convinced that we were going to hell and preaching at us every day. Things are tense enough here as it is. So until we move out it's beter if I just keep it under wraps.


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