Friday, February 3, 2012

The Empress

The Empress is the second female card we see and is the other half of the female archetype with The High Priestess being the first half. This card is fairly straight forward and probably one of the easier cards in the deck to interpret.

1 Below the Empress's throne we see what is meant to be either a heard shaped stone or pillow with a feminine symbol on it. This represents feminine progress, and feminine influence. The heart may symbolize her caring, and nurturing personality. She is the ultimate wife, mother, and sister.

2 In the foreground we see a field of wheat. This represents fertility and fruitfulness. She is Gaia and the sheaves of wheat are her children. The wheat may also represent abundance.

3 The Empress is lounging on a throne piled high with red pillows and cloth. These represent accomplishment, luxury and The Empress's connection to her senses. The Empress is a woman in tune with her body. She embraces pleasure and isn't afraid to share it with others.

4 In the background you see a forest. The forest is a clear representation of nature and The Empress's connection to it.

5 Running through the forest is a river that turns into a waterfall. The water represents The Empress's intuition and the power of the waterfall represents her ability to motivate and influence others.

Key Words: Feminine Progress, Feminine Influence, Caring, Nurturing, Wife, Mother, Sister, Fertility, Fruitfulness, Children, Marriage, Mothering, Abundance, Accomplishment, Luxury, Senses, In tune with the body, Pleasure, Nature, Intuition, Motivation of others, Practicality

When using reverse meanings: When thinking of reverse meanings for the Empress think of her as someone with manic depression. This sounds strange but helps when interpreting the card. When right side up you're facing the cards manic side. When upside down you are facing it's depressed side. The Empress's inverse personality is someone who has anxiety, lack of interest, lack of concentration, and indecision. She's someone who is infertile and unfaithful in relationships.

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