Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fitness Update

I checked my weight this morning and I seem to be on track for my goals so YAY ME! I've been a bit lax in my workout routine so I could definitely be doing better in that area but I've also found myself eating a lot less and getting full sooner so I guess it balances out. I've started taking a Super B Complex supplement for metabolism energy to go along with the vegetarian water pill I take. I have a tendency to retain water and they help tremendously.

I'd like to offer everyone who is trying to get healthier and lose weight a tip. Don't try talking yourself into buying or eating food simply because it's "healthy". I'm talking about those super organic insanely healthy cereals that taste like cardboard and sand, and those horrible "chips" that to me taste kind of sour. For me, I've always bought and ate that crap because I'm telling myself that I'm giving myself the same food I always eat just healthier and that will help me to lose weight. Wrong. If you like it, great, munch away. If you don't though please don't waste your money. You're going to eat that because you're "supposed" to, you won't feel satisfied and you'll end up binging on the junk that you're craving. Eat the stuff you like and simply make sure you're limiting it to a proper serving size. It'll stop you from associating food with guilt (you shouldn't have an emotional relationship with food) and you'll actually end up eating less.

Another thing that I know but I always have a hard time doing anything about, taking care of me. As a mom it's easy to forget about doing stuff like brushing my teeth, or putting on deoderant (gross I know, but I'm being honest). No one should constantly put themselves on the back burner like that. You'll end up with low self esteem because you don't look like you want and the depression from that will have you turning to all of your comfort vices i.e. sitting on your ass, and eating junk. When you feel good about yourself you want to move around, be seen, and get things done. So I'm trying really hard to force myself to do those basic hygiene things every day even if I need to write them into a to-do list and check them off.

I hoped this helped or encouraged someone, and if anyone has any health or beauty tips please share. The best way to honor the divine is to honor ourselves. The divine is within all of us, no exceptions.

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