Friday, March 2, 2012

The Chariot

Following The Lovers we see The Chariot. For the first time the star of card is an object rather than a person. However while the vehicle does take center stage it is nothing without the man guiding it. He is a man in the prime of is life ready to do battle. This card represents a challenge or an opposing force. This could even be a challenge that you've already overcome.

1 The man guiding The Chariot is a golden haired youth bearing a scepter, adorned with a crown and dressed in armor. He is someone that doesn't lose and finds success through hard work. Although hard work is not everything, he must also have confidence. Without it he would be unsure of himself and his decisions, and even though he may rush to make those decisions he has confidence his plans with seem him through to victory. as he is a man ready to take on any adversary he must pay attention to details. His armor represents this personality trait as it helps to keep him protected. If forgotten who knows what tragedy could befall him.

2 The Chariot is being pulled by two Sphinxes, one black and one white. The black and white Sphinxes represent conflicting influences that need the warrior's guiding hand. Not only are they opposing colors but they are also each pointed in a different direction. It is up to him to make sure that each elementt works together to achieve the desired goal. The Sphinxes represent arcane wisdom and unity as their bodies are comprised of so many creatures. Harnessing their power is invaluable when overcoming odds. The relationship between the man and the Sphinxes also represent redirecting energy and the need to control one's emotions.

3 The Chariot is the final piece of the overall war machine. All are important but without each other they are useless. The Chariot represents movement and motivation.

4 In the background we see a town and then a body of water that he has crossed over. This depiction of crossing terrain symbolizes a journey, or possibly an escape. This could be an escape from a person, place or situation as is often necessary in battle.

Key Words: Turmoil. Vengeance. Challenge. Opposing forces. Success. Confidence. Rush to make a decision. Paying attention to details. Conflicting influences. Redirecting energy. Need to control one's emotions. Movement. Motivation. Movement. Journey. Escape.

When Using Inverse Meanings: This would be the failed warrior. This is a person overwhelmed when faced with adversity and who can't face reality. Their plans fail and they lose everything even when it seems like they have it all within their grasp.

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