Saturday, March 10, 2012


The card we reviewed last week was the first card to focus on an object, this wee we see the first card to focus on a personality trait. The card depicts a woman in a white gown interacting with a lion. It's a simple and straightforward card best described by it's title. Strength could either be referring to the lion, the woman, or both combined.

1 In front of everything else we see the lion. The lion is a classic symbol of Strength as well as, courage, power, and ferocity. Those under the sign of Leo are known to be controlling and confident. The lion also represents our inner passions and desires. The forces that motivate us and call us to action. This creature is pure energy.

2 Gently holding the lion's head we see a woman. She is clothed in a white gown, a wreath, and a sash. The white gown represents purity while the wreath and sash represent victory. She exhibits a different kind of Strength. While the lion represents a fierce and brutal Strength, the woman possesses the Strength of conviction, resolution, and self control. She controls the lion otherwise known as her inner beast or animal self with patience and kindness which are Strengths of their own. She keeps it's zeal in check and it gives her the confidence to succeed.

3 Above the woman's head we see the symbol of infinity. This was the same symbol we saw above the head of The Magician. This depicts her Strength as unfathomable. It is never ending. Again and again she will defy the weakness of giving into her inner demons.

4 Behind the pair, in the distance, we see a mountain. The mountain represents the reward reaped when one exhibits Strength. It symbolizes accomplishment.

Key Words: Strength. Courage. Power. Confidence. Action. Energy. Conviction. Resolution. Self Control. Zeal. Defiance. Accomplishment.

When Using Reverse Meanings: Obviously the opposite of Strength is weakness. This is a pathetic and petty person. Depending on the question this is someone who either easily succumbs to temptation or is about to succumb to a specific temptation. They have no faith in themselves or anything else, they lack conviction and are indifferent. If they are a person in a position of power it is likely they will abuse it. This could also symbolize a physical ailment. The person the card is referring to may be sick, or about to get sick.

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