Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Fight for Freedom pt.3

So once again I'm here to update you about the situation with the Carroll County Elementary school. Someone has started a petition and I highly encourage you all to sign.

There has been some questioning into the validity of Ms. Turner's claims and I understand the position of scepticism that these questions come from. However while I do encourage doing your research I don't think it prudent for us all to sit on our hands waiting for this to make national news before we come forward with our support.

How many top news stories have you seen lately that involve a pagan being discriminated, .. go ahead I'll wait... Have you come up with anything? No? I'm sure we've all heard of stories involving a "self proclaimed Witch" who's done something despicable, or frightening. We've heard the rumors about the Astaru being white supremacists, but unless you're IN THE PAGAN COMMUNITY you  never hear about us being discriminated against, or attacked. Not because it doesn't happen, oh no, but because a story about a witch being abused isn't sexy, it's not scary, the general public can't relate to it. They just want a million stories like Hansel and Gretel "the poor babies, did you know she was going to eat them, that's disgusting who gives a flying fuck that they shoved old Granny into the oven, that was just self defense".

The point I'm trying to make is that for whatever reason a long time ago News stopped being News it simply became part of the media and the media's job has always been to make those who are different look bad. Let's face it, we're different, and that's the way they want it to stay. After all, are the cool kids still cool when there's no one left who isn't.

We get discriminated against every day and in fear of being wrong or called out we all just sit back and let it happen. Well NO MORE.

I've sent Ms. Turner a letter to let her know that I support and stand behind her. I'll be sure to let you know if she responds.

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