Monday, December 26, 2011

Day after Holidays

Well both Yule and Christmas have passed and I still feel sick. I hate having colds but well.. who doesn't. Yule sadly passed without an event. I spent most of the day baking with my mother which was nice. Since we're living with my parents and I have to keep my spiritual practice under wraps I don't really get to celebrate. I watched some videos on YouTube about yule and thought about the lengthening of days for a little bit, but that was about it.

Christmas was a much bigger deal, I'm okay with that though. I usually see Yule as the spiritual celebration of the turn of the wheel and "Christmas" as the secular, partying, gifting, family get-together celebration (kind of like Saturnalia). I got a new Jewelry Box (which I wanted), some candy, a reed diffuser (cinnamon and nutmeg, yum!), a ceramic travel mug with a quote from Mother Teresa on it, "Peace Begins With A Smile" so very true, a travel nail kit (always useful) and an angel key chain. I'm not really into angels, but it's pretty and it's the thought that counts. We had a fabulous brunch and spent the day relaxing. All in all it was a pretty good day. I ended up falling asleep for a two hour nap, but mostly because I'm sick.

So how about everyone else. Who celebrates just Yule, just Christmas, or both? What did you do to celebrate?

On a small side note January 13th is getting closer! Has everyone checked out the Witchy Reading Challenge Tab? If you haven't check it out, and check out Pagan Culture for a button.

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