Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hooray for PBS

I have always loved Jim Henson from the time I was very young. All entertainment associated with the Henson family (in my eyes at least) has succeeded at being both fun and educational in a way that not only kids but parents can enjoy. They have always been ahead of the times in the case of diversity, equality, and keeping up with current events.

If any of you have young children who watch PBS you may have seen an adorable little show called Dinosaur Train. It's about a young T-Rex named Buddy who's adopted into the Pteranodon family. Him and his family travel the world on the Dinosaur Train to learn about different species of dinosaurs and even travel back and forth in time. It teaches children about the beauty of being different (all dinosaurs have different features) it helps you to learn about natural history and even some silly yet important issues such as everybody poops. Lets not forget that at the end of every episode Dr. Scott appears to tell everyone the facts and to help dispel any of the pretend information that was shown in the show for extra entertainment.

Today I have yet another reason to love this show and Jim Henson. The Pteranodons celebrate the Solstice! Now obviously Dinosaurs did not celebrate the holidays but it shows that the Solstice was around before man and gives children a taste for another reason for the season. Thank you Dinosaur Train and PBS.

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