Monday, December 19, 2011

Beauty Magick

My amazing husband just allowed me to frivolously spend $25 on cosmetics from E.L.F because until midnight they offer free shipping. For those of us on a budget they have an essentials line with most of the items being $1.

There's something I've kind of mentally been toying with for the past few weeks and I figured now was the perfect time to talk about it. As Witch's we try to find the divine and magickal in the mundane, well for us ladies what about our cosmetics?
Isn't it funny how a mascara
applicator is called a wand.
 Make-up comes in a variety of shades and scents (you can chime in on the magickal correspondences at any time). For those worried about it being too far removed from nature they even come in a wide array of organic and natural varieties.

Using make-up as a magickal tool can open us up to amazing opportunities. As I considered this concept I thought of the way that make-up may fade throughout the day, perhaps that could symbolize releasing our intentions into the universe. We could use it to attract anything from a mate to a better financial situation. We could use it in various self-respect/love/confidence rituals. The possibilities are endless.

You can even make your own cosmetics at home! How exciting is that, and just think of the possibilities for adding intentions and tailoring the ingredients for your magickal purposes! Here are some sites to get you started.
How to make your own makeup at home
How to make makeup
Do it yourself cosmetics

If you have an idea for a way make-up could be used for a magickal tool, or have already done this yourself leave a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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