Sunday, December 11, 2011

Updates and a Pagan Charity

I totally missed the Full Moon last night and the Lunar Eclipse which will be the last one until 2014. I promised my husband he could watch the 2011 Video Game awards on Spike so unfortunately my practice went the the wayside for the night. On a positive note Skyrim won game of the year which was pretty damned impressive considering it's only been out for about a month, but really was anyone surprised? That Game is AWESOME! But I digress, I will be lighting my Full Moon candle tonight to make up for yesterday. I'm trying to add more continuity and ritual into my practice as a way to keep me connected to the Gods and Goddesses. Does anyone have any suggestions for me or for any of us really of ways they've found to add little bits of ritual into their daily lives? If so make sure to leave a comment!

In my meanderings through the web today I stumbled upon something fantastic. A page called the Pagan Assistance Fund. I really think this is something the Pagan Community needs. Charities abound for the unfortunate but lets face it, Christians seem to have the monopoly on them. It's not easy to find a secular charity organization when your in need and it's IMPOSSIBLE to find Pagan charities.

If any of you are as addicted to the wonder that is YouTube like I am you may have seen this heart wrenching video from Sam aka Witchontherocks ~>

A lot of times those in need let their pride get in the way of reaching out for help (I have been one of those people) It's made ten times harder when not only do you have to swallow your pride and look for assistance but you have to get it from someone or from somewhere that goes against what you believe in or makes you feel uncomfortable. A lot of times we have no choice. I have been in line at a Church funded food drive, and bless them for being there, but I actually witnessed one woman being asked to leave because they felt she was dressed inappropriately. What would they have said to someone who showed up in ritual garb because that was all they had left? We need Pagan outreach programs for moral, emotional, spiritual, and yes financial support.

They even have a Toys for Yule program! Charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army have been known to reject anything donated that pertains in any way to paganism or the occult. Things like Twilight/ Harry Potter books and movies, Ouija boards, or any other divination tools meant for kids. The things that teenagers would appreciate (minors that are often overlooked since buying for them isn't nearly as fun as buying a cute bear, or doll) can't be donated.

PLEASE look through this website. Opportunities abound for you to give back even if you don't have the monetary means. If you have something you'd like to donate or an idea for them they can be reached at

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