Friday, December 2, 2011

First Quarter Moon

Today has been an unbelievably fabulous day, something that always seems to coincide with First Quarter Moons. My amazingly wonderful husband bought me a Kindle Fire, which I am completely in love with. I'm an avid reader and if I bought and kept a hardcover or paperback copy of every book I ever wanted to read we would need to buy a storage unit, so a digital book is perfect for me.

Also we got to go to Whole Foods today which just happens to be my favorite grocery store ever. I got some Garnet Sweet Potatoes (EXCITED, yes I'm a weirdo, I get excited over produce), a spaghetti squash which I have never cooked before so that should be an adventure and some humongous Portobello mushrooms (nom, nom, nom). I bought some organic face wash (yay!), and then came home to make what was possible my best batch of chili yet (if you're interested in the recipe I'll be posting it on the Kitchen Witch page).

The day on the whole has left me feeling refreshed and self satisfied in a way that makes everything seem like a new beginning. I'll be lighting my candle tonight to celebrate the Maiden.

Blessed First Quarter Moon

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