Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Beginnings

We put a down payment on our apartment!!! I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. We won't be able to move in until at least the first but I'm okay with that. It's ours and it's waiting for us. I have a lot to do over the next two weeks. I'll be packing and paring down all of our stuff, trying to get rid of anything we don't really need or use anymore. No point packing up and saving useless junk.

I've always had a problem throwing things away. Broken nic-nacs and old toys become ageless companions. Clothes that don't fit are a promise that I'm going to fit into them again. Body spray bottles with broken tops can always be fixed and if I save the rest of that lotion I won't need to buy any for a while, let's pretend it's not 6 years old and incredibly cheap. 

One of the reasons I love moving is the cathartic clearing out of old belongings. I always feel like I'm planning for a new life when I move, and when I'm about to have a new life I have the freedom to get rid of stuff I never could before. I love new beginnings the same way I love the turn of the wheel. It's magickal, it's new and familiar, like remembering a past life, you've been here before but it was in a different time and you were a different person.

How do you feel about new beginnings, do you welcome them or are you afraid of them?

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