Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Move Is Upon Us

I can't believe it, in less than a week we'll be settling into our new apartment! There is so much to do between now and then that I'm feeling a little frantic. It doesn't help that it's an hour away from here so when we start transporting all of our stuff every trip is going to feel like forever.

Once we're finally in getting settled is going to take forever but that's going to be the fun part. First thing that needs to get settled is painting. We're allowed to paint the apartment and the previous tenant had.... interesting taste, to say the least. So we've got to pick out colors and get at least the two bedrooms and bathroom painted. Right now the master bedroom is dark blue and electric pink, not really conducive to relaxation. We also need to call the gas company and have the stove hooked up and call the cable company to have Internet set up. Some people need coffee, I need the Internet.

Despite all of the stress and responsibility it will be nice to finally spread out. Anywho the point of all this is that sadly I won't be able to connect with my readers much over the next few weeks :-( When I return I'll have lots to tell and pictures to share. Wish me luck that all goes smoothly.

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