Friday, May 25, 2012

Politics and Me

I generally try to stay away from political stuff. If I don't it not only makes me seething angry and incoherent but also makes me sick to my stomach. I don't know why but it really just gets under my skin. Me personally I try to support everyone's right to be happy, as long as that happiness doesn't directly effect the rights of others. The people I have the most problem with are the far right. The overly conservative control freaks who can't seem to grasp that they shouldn't be allowed special privileges above and beyond everyone else's.

They live under the assumption that they've figured "it" out, they're what should be considered the status-quo. Everything and everyone who challenges that is a threat to their peace of mind. They're secretly terrified that those who believe the LGBT community deserve the same rights as everyone else... are right. If those people are right that means they might be wrong. If they're wrong then what else in their life is wrong. Is every decision they've ever made wrong? I know them intimately I have them in my family, we all do. They're so insecure and unsure of their own beliefs they need everyone to agree with them in order to feel validated.

The same as the people that don't want women to have control over their healthcare and reproductive choices. The men are afraid of women and the women are afraid of themselves and resentful towards other women. Women are capable of giving birth so clearly that's what our role in society is meant to be, if we don't accept that fact we'll all die off, after all, who would actually choose the discomfort of pregnancy and pain of childbirth. How dare these women have sex purely for the enjoyment of it that's hedonistic and selfish.

They need to be normal, they thrive on it and they crave the acceptance of their peers. They work so hard fitting into this mold that they didn't even create. They deny themselves and those around them the luxury of exploring their own uniqueness for fear of finding something that doesn't quite fit. If you just happen to be okay with allowing bits of you to ooze outside of the mold then you're hedonistic, sinful, and dangerous. They're jealous of your free spirit and afraid of their own.

They can't understand that what's normal for one person isn't normal for someone else. If I woke up tomorrow and had a penis I think I would be in terrible shock. My whole self image would be shattered. I'm a woman and have always known of myself as a woman. Does that mean that having a penis is wrong? No. Does that mean that the men who are born into the bodies of women should just be happy with what they have because that's what they were born with? No. I was in a situation where I felt secure enough to carry out my pregnancy and give birth to my beautiful son. Does that mean someone else who didn't have the luxury of being in my situation is a disgusting slut? No. They just can't comprehend this.

They are so sure they're doing it right, that everyone else must be wrong. In their world there is a sliver of right and a whole world filled with wrong. Why can't they understand that there are just as many paths to being right as there are to being wrong. These people are to be pitied, but mostly feared. Their world is so narrow they barely have enough room for themselves.


  1. I work for Congress so I have to listen to all the speeches all day long from the far right -- along with the opening Christian prayer every day. It drives me insane. So I bought my first Pentagram pendent, and have started to wear it just last week to work every day. Every time I start to get angry with what I'm hearing, I reach up and touch it for a second. Calms me down.

    1. I hear ya I make sure I have mine on whenever I have to go to a church for someone. Churches themselves don't bother me but the people in them always make me feel a little uncomfortable and my pentacle keeps me feeling a little more secure.


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