Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When I was younger I fancied myself an amateur astrologer. I had a big black binder filled with all of the information pertaining to each of the astrological signs. I had charts and and keys, and horoscopes that I made up myself. I loved learning about my own sign (Capricorn) and my friends signs to see if their personalities matched up, they usually did. Amusingly enough I always learned that Capricorns made perfect mates to Cancers and surprise surprise, hubby's a Cancer (totally unplanned by the way. So as the time of Gemini started yesterday and I was looking for something to post I thought I'd share some basic info on the Twins.

Happy Birthday Geminis!
May 21st through June 21st is ruled by the astrological sign of Gemini, The Twins. Gemini is the 3rd sign in the astrological calender. This year the beginning of Gemini also coincides with the New Moon. It is ruled by the element of Air and the planet Mercury. Both of these lend to a Gemini's quick wit and social nature. A person born under this sign is often fickle and quick to change their minds.

For more information about The Great Twins

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