Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Blog

If you've ever taken a peek at the left side of my page and noticed the "Check Out My Other Blogs" list you might have noticed my natural cooking blog. I started it a few years ago but I've never really had the same kind of fun with it that I've had with Witchy Woman.

So I've decided to start an entirely new blog, as a sister blog to this one combining the fun witchiness of Witchy Woman with my love of cooking and all things kitcheny. Don't worry Witchy Woman isn't going any where, but all the fun Kitchen Witchery really deserves more than just a page, it deserves a whole blog!

In the days to come I'll be transferring stuff from my old Natural Cooking blog, I tried just redesigning it but well.. that became too frustrating a project so I decided to start fresh. So check out Witch Kitchen and follow along. I'll post recipes and spells and fun little bits of kitchen witch folk lore.

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