Monday, July 2, 2012

Magickal Vs. Mundane

I have a message for my fellow Pagans. Just because we believe in magic doesn't mean we need to depend on it to cure all of our ills. Now I don't want to offend anyone and if that happens I appologize. But I'm so sick of the "send me healing energy I have a headache", "please light a green candle for me so I can put gas in my car". There is nothing wrong with wanting a little magickal oomph but honestly, take some damn tylenol and close your eyes for a half an hour. Poof, headache gone. If you're someone who's against conventional medicine sip some Rosemary tea and close your eyes. Or even better take some preventative measures, meditate to reduce stress and limit your caffeine intake.

These same people who always seem to need some type of magickal assistance are perpetually experiencing bad luck. They have no money, they have family issues, they have health problems. I'm not saying their problems aren't real but if you've got $10 left to your name why are you wasting it on magickal supplies to try and get yourself out of the hole.

First of all magickal tools are not necessary. They're fun and they're helpfull when directing energy but they're not something we NEED to work magick. Secondly, it would appear to me that the universe is having one large laugh at your expense. Nine times out of ten the things we need to do to solve our problems are much simpler than doing a full and lengthy ritual.

To me using magick should be either a last resort or something small we do on the side simply to aid us and make our intentions clear. Not to be our only course of action when dealing with our issues. I've talked to people who literally ended up being homeless because they based whether or not they moved cross country with no financial support on the advice of a woman who read in her cards that it was a good idea. Why would you risk your life and security simply because someone you've never met before who is going to receive none of the reprocusions from your actions told you they divined that it was the right move?

This type of naivity and quite frankly laziness will never cease to baffle me. Like the rest of the world I could use some more money, so I have a candle that I light. It's a beautiful rich green color and  it's infused with herbs meant to attract wealth. However I also make sure all of my bills get paid, If I run into trouble paying a bill I cut back on frivolous expenses and work out a payment plan until things get sorted. I do so immediately and am responsible with the payment plans I set up. I have a credit card for emergencies (and to boost my credit) so I always have some money, I eat at home instead of out, and I do whatever I can to earn a little extra cash. I write freelance, I take surveys, I make jewelry. So far it all seems to work out pretty well. Maybe the candle helps. Maybe it cosmically attracts more buyers to my etsy shop who knows, but it doesn't hurt. What I do know is that if that candle burns out, I'm not buying another one unless I have the cash to spare and if I didn't put in the work the candle wouldn't mean shit.

If you need help, meditate, call on the Gods for assistance, do a ritual to banish bad energy or attract, but please remember your problems will never go away if you're waiting around for cosmic interference.

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