Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Quarter Moon

Really this should have been posted yesterday but Blogger is being ridiculous. Hear that Blogger ridiculous. Apparently no page will function right if it has an image on it. Anywho I got the links working again so I guess I'll be happy witht that for now.

The First Quarter Moon takes place during the middle of the two week period of the Waxing Moon phase. This is the time when the visible moon is half way between dark and full. This Moon phase is associated with the maiden. This is the perfect time to do possitive magick.

Moon Magick
  • Increasing your wealth and belongings
  • Bringing love into your life (as long as this isn't directed at a specific person you're not conflicting with anyone's free will)
  • Anything to do with improving your situation (i.e. finding a new job/home)
On a personal note I purchased a lovely witches money bottle about a month ago and have been waiting to put it together until the right time. Well as this is my first First Quarter Moon in our new apartment I think it is finally the right time.

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