Monday, June 11, 2012

Early A.M. Venting

Today was supposed to be stress free, well so much for that, for one it's almost 3 in the am and I'm not sleeping so what does that tell you. My chest is killing me and I keep weezing and coughing, so I'm trying to drink hot tea hoping it settles itself enough so I can go back to bed.

We got our kitchen table in today. Yay for that but for whatever ridiculous reason there had to be an argument over a chair cusion with my parents, really a chair cushion? Found out that their is a part in our oven that's crapping out, the safety valve. Doesn't that sound like a part you want to have to worry about in your first week of moving in? So we've got to reach in to the back/bottom of the oven to tap on it just so it ignites. It took us over 3 hours just to get some potatoes and chicken made while we found this out.

Took a peek at my moon phase page today, thinking that I should look at it and see if I need to update anything. It looked fine, so I went to leave it, it asked me if I wanted to leave the page, I said yes. For whatever reason something made me go back and look at it, it had reloaded a page I had typed up in March, MARCH?? Where the hell did that come from? The whole calendar was wiped out and no where to be found. How the fuck did that happen? So tomorrow I've got to try to type it back up. For now it's labeled as "under construction".

I was finally able to get a broom today, so being able to finally sweep the floor is nice. They didn't have the one I wanted and I ended up with a cheap plastic one but we all have to make due with what's available sometimes.

I have deffinately had worse days, and I get it that not all days are going to be perfect but today was the hubby's first day off that we were going to stay home all day, which we did... almost. It was just that today was supposed to be nice and relaxing, instead I went to bed at 10:30 feeling totally wiped out and now I'm awake coughing and weezing and on the computer when I really just want to be in bed.

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