Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All Moved In

Well we're officially moved in! I'm not 100% comfortable yet but it always takes me some time to settle into a new place. Not to mention, not all of our furniture is in yet so some spaces still feel a little to empty. It is so nice to have a bigger space, I can finally keep things organized. I was done all of the house work by 8:30 this morning!

Did anyone catch the full moon from Monday night, I was so dead on my feet tired that I just went to bed but it did sound like someone was enjoying it. Nearby I could hear one of our neighbors having some sort of party. Their was music and drumming and whooping, which I thought was weird for a Monday night and I haven't heard it any night since so maybe it was for the Full Moon. It would be pretty cool if we had Pagan neighbors.

It's taken us so many trips to move things in it's ridiculous and we still have more to transport, it's little stuff, but still. Next time we decide to move we are renting a damned moving truck and getting everything done in one shot. I've missed my Internet world, what's going on out there, any interesting stories to tell?

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