Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July's Full Moon

~The Blessing Moon~

We are currently in the phase of the Full Moon. It is considered the Full Moon because it is when the surface of the moon is fully visible to us. This moon phase lasts for 3 days. The day before, day of, and day after. This is the Moon Phase that is associated with the Mother aspect of the Goddess. This is a time of completion and fully realized goals.

Thanks to the abundance of vegetation we are blessed with at this time of the year July's Full Moon is known as The Blessing Moon. This month's Full Moon is also known as The Full Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Full Hay Moon, and Meadow Moon.

June's Full Moon was all about taking the time to appreciate, maintain, and enhance the things we have present in our life. Perhaps now would be a good time to once again look within. Not to make sure we are on the right track but to figure out if there is another area of our life we are unhappy with or needs improvement. This could be a good time to divine a new project through the use of divination or dream work.

Check out A Witch's Book of Dreams, an excellent book to have on hand when starting dream work.

Color Associations: Green, Silver, Blue-gray
Gemstone Associations: Moonstone, White Agate, Opals or pearls
Tree Associations: Ash and Oak
Gods and Goddesses Associated with this Moon: Juno, Venus, Cerridwen, Athena Nephthys, Lugh
Herbal Associations: Mugwort, Hyssop, Lemon Balm
Elemental Associations: Water
Zodiac Associations: Cancer


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