Monday, April 23, 2012

Women are people too

I was looking through some of my old AllVoices articles and came across one I wanted to share (edited to improve the content). I hope you like it.

~I frequently receive articles from WebMD and I recently came across one that really pissed me off. One of the newsletters I subscribe to deals with sex and relationships, and I received one that was titled "Sex Drive: How do men and women compare?" My first thought was 'this should be interesting', because like any other rational women I expected them to dispel some myths by saying that women are just as interested in sex as men, but I was mistaken. Why do people in medicine keep perpetuating these stereotypes that men and women are from different planets and we need interpreters to figure each other out. We don't, we want the same things, I can have sex with candles, without candles, and in any place me and my husband can fit comfortably, whether that's our bed or our kitchen counter. I know plenty of women of all ages who feel the same way. For ALL people out there (men and women) there is no game, there is no dance, there is no trading off of niceties until you can hop in the sac. We invent the games to amuse ourselves and prolong the excitement.. and we both do it! Women are just as capable of being sexual as men, and we don't just do it to make them happy, or because we want jewelry. If any of you women out there are simple enough to think sex is some type of tool you use to get what you want, you're sorely mistaken. While you're waiting for him to cave (and suffering in the process mind you) he's just going to do something else to satisfy his need, now that doesn't necessarily mean he will cheat on you, but it does mean you're not getting any, why suffer? Get a job, and buy your own jewelry (note: I know this specifically has nothing to do with the article, but the article is just one of the many idiotic attempts to give stereotypes logical credence that really tick me off). Furthermore why is it that people are always trying to psychoanalyze strippers, porn stars, or any other woman that happens to be in the sex industry. If a man has that type of profession everyone says he must feel like the luckiest man on earth, but if it's a woman, she has daddy issues, she's insecure, etc... Perhaps this isn't too popular a theory, but maybe some of these women just enjoy the attention. Maybe some of them just like themselves, and they like that other people like them, and they use it pay some bills. It doesn't have to mean she has some sort of psycho-sexual problem. I bet there are plenty of women out there who wish they felt secure enough in their own skin to do those things, I know I do. If some middle aged woman clumsily wraps herself around a pole in her bedroom she's trying to spice up her marriage, but if an attractive, flexible, open-minded women notices that there may be some profit to be made in that arena it must be because she was sexually abused as a child. Come on people when are you going to get it, women like sex.. a lot. Stop trying to stuff us into a tiny box because you're uncomfortable with the thought of your mothers as sexual beings.~

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