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Here we see the card of Justice. A young woman sits on a throne robed in green and scarlet and wearing a crown. In her left hand she holds a set of scales and in her right hand she holds a sword. Perhaps she decides the fate of the Hermit / Fool. Depending on your belief system she may decide which body he is reincarnated into, or perhaps she decides whether he has earned entrance into Heaven or Summerland. In any case she is his judge and whatever she decides will be truly fair.

1 As we have seen in the other cards everything means something, even the color of a person's clothes.The embodiment of Justice is wearing robes of scarlet and green. Scarlet represents power. This could symbolize the high regard with which Justice is held or it could simply denote the weight of her decision. It is final and always correct. Green denotes balance, harmony, and stability. Necessary attributes to have when judging the fate of others. Atop her head is a crown. Again the crown is a symbol of her power and authority. She is supreme arbiter.

2 In her right hand ( the hand symbolizing conscious thought) she holds a sword. Swords (as we'll see in the other cards) are symbols of the element air. Air is the element of reason, intelligence, clear thought, and communication. Also the sword may symbolize cutting through the "fog" so to speak to get to the heart of the matter.

3 In her left hand (the hand symbolizing unconscious thought) she holds a set of scales. The scales which are associated with the zodiacal symbol of Libra represent poise, equity, balance, and equilibrium.

4 In the background we see a set of pillars. The pillars represent structure and again balance. Balance is something we see a lot of in this card. Without proper balance justice cannot be achieved. Behind the woman and between the two pillars we see a purple tapestry. Purple represents nobility and spirituality. Justice is a woman of honor, virtue, and righteousness. As is also symbolized by the golden background behind the tapestry. She is a perfect and impartial being who will ensure that whoever is judged gets their just rewards.

Key Words: Justice. Whatever is decided will be truly fair. Harmony. Reasonableness. Poise. Equity. Equilibrium. Proper balance. Honor. Virtue. Righteousness. Impartiality. Just rewards.Virginity.

When Using Reverse Meanings: This is a judge who cannot be impartial. The questioner may be facing someone who is biased, unfair, and intolerant. Or perhaps the questioner is behaving as such. This could also mean an abuse of power, A judge who is making false accusations to get what they want without considering what is fair for all.

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