Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book 7: The High Lord

I've reached the final installment of the Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan, The High Lord.

'Why are you showing me these books?' Akkarin's eyes bored into her own, and she looked away. 'You want to know the truth,' he said. He was right. Part of her wanted to ignore the books. But she did want to know.

In the city of Imardin, where those who wield magic wield power, a young street-girl, adopted by the Magician's Guild, finds herself at the centre of a terrible plot that may destroy the entire world...

Sonea has learned much at the magicians' guild and the other novices now treat her with a grudging respect. But she cannot forget what she witnessed in the High Lord's underground room -  or his warning that the realm's ancient enemy is growing in power once more. As Sonea learns more, she begins to doubt her guildmaster's word. Could the truth really be as terrifying as Akkarin claims, or is he trying to trick her into assisting him in some unspeakably dark scheme?

Seeing as the the second book was better than the first I'm hoping this one is better than both and turns out to be an enjoyable read.

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