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I found this awesome coloring book (which is also free to download I might add) on Proud To Be Pagan KIDS! It is a nifty little activity book featuring beautiful artwork of fairies to meant to help teach your little Witchlets their ABCs.

Pagan Crafts for Children
Check out this terrific article on eHow

Rupert's Tales
I have seen this adorable little rabbit hopping all over the internet lately. Rupert's Tales looks to be both adorable and informational. This is definitely something I will be purchasing for my little one as he loves to read.

The Coexist Cafe
An extensive list of Children's Books for Pagan Kids
Movies & Television
Hooray for PBS
Dinosaurs in the Snow: The adorable characters of Dinosaur train celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Pixar's new film to be released Summer of 2012

Avatar: The Last Airbender


Web Pages~
The Pooka Pages for Pagan Kids
Coloring pages, stories, crafts, spells, herbal lore & seasonal magick for little Witches

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