Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We're Having A Baby!

Not the clearest picture I know but
there's the little gummy bear in all
it's glory
I'm so excited I could bust! We've known for a little over 6 weeks but I wanted to wait until I was almost in my second trimester to go public. Obviously close friends and family know but honestly I was so shocked when I first found out that it just didn't seem real.

We weren't trying for a baby and had actually planned on waiting until my husband graduated from college and we could buy a house. Then one passion filled night without precaution (Beltane in case you were wondering) and surprise, surprise we're expecting!

Munchkin #1 finds the whole thing funny for some reason and keeps asking when they're going to take the baby out of my tummy. We've assured him that the baby will be there for his birthday party and the sweet and wonderful kid actually went through his stuffed animals and picked one out to give to the baby. Sometimes the selflessness of children astounds me. Although he did assure me that he would not be sharing his bunny and Steve. Those are his two bedtime pals.

Anyways you can expect a whole lot of Pagan Pregnancy and Pagan Parenting posts over the months to come. At least until the end of January (that's about the time I'm due) which makes this pregnancy all the more exciting because he or she will be born right around Imbolc, a Sabbat that I absolutely love!

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