Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm Not Mad At Hollywood

It seems to me there are a lot of Witches out there who get their panties in a bunch every time Pagans or Witches are mentioned in a negative light in Hollywood. Don't get me wrong I have had my moments too. Yelling at this or that documentary for depicting us as silly or crazy and handpicking the cream of the crop nuts to represent us. You know what I'm talking about, some joker in bondage wear and black lipstick named Astaroth talking about sacred energies and the curses he has to protect himself from; sitting in a circle slicing his hand open with all two of his equally ridiculous friends, some black book in his lap in the middle of his moms basement with a million black candles and a red pentacle drawn on the floor.

However this doesn't seem to be what everyone else is getting mad at. They're mad at Paranormal Activity, and Hansel and Gretel, and every other goofy, fictional movie that gets churned out that dares to have a stereotypical representation of the "wicked witch". I get it, it's frustrating, it's insulting, hell it isn't even original but there is a simple solution. Don't go, don't watch, don't contribute. Most of the time these movies aren't that good anyways. I get just as frustrated watching or reading something that depicts us in a less than realistic light but I choose not to devote energy to it, or give it even more publicity by screaming from the rooftops how terrible and insulting it is.

Let's be honest, if we were really that upset about misrepresentation we'd be boycotting shows like Buffy, and Charmed, and The Gates, and The Vampire Diaries or any other show that depicts us as having otherworldly or inhuman powers, or has us interacting with demons, or other fictional characters that aren't represented in our personal faith (Witches of Eastwick anyone.. which I love by the way). It has nothing to do with being upset over misrepresentation.

Just like any other group we don't like things that make us look ugly. The fact however is not everything is beautiful, not everything is sweet, and not all Witch's are good people. We've all met one or two bad apples. If someone is ignorant and pig-headed enough to believe that the stuff they see in these fictional movies is true than they already had a biased opinion in the first place and nothing they could have been told would change that.

So lighten up, have a sense of humor and stop devoting your energy to things that make you unhappy. Better yet take all of that energy and pour it into a force for good, write a novel, or direct your own  film. There are plenty of low-budget, art house, independent films out there, what's stopping you. If you have the energy to get angry you have the energy to get creative. Show the world your vision, who you really believe Pagans to be.

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