Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I lost the source of the image but I
believe it came from a home depot
I normally save talking about fairies for spring but they recently added a bunch of Disney movies to Netflix and both me and my son love the new Tinkerbell movies so we've been watching all of them.

When they first came out I wasn't sure if I was going to like them, Tinkerbell was always Peter's side kick and I was worried it would be cheesy and undeveloped but I was pleasantly surprised.. and hooked. It also helps that one of the fairies and I share a name.

I've found that Disney in general is pretty Pagan friendly. I know they receive a lot of flack but none of the movies I have ever seen picture one religion as better than another, they bring classic tales to life and make them child friendly, and they encourage imaginative play.

All of the Tinkerbell movies make for great Pagan ( or non Pagan )  family films. Each of the four movies deals with a different season showing how important the changing of the seasons is. It helps to get children interested in nature and opens up their imagination to what could be out their and causing the changes they see around them. Not to mention they feature some great Celtic music ( the first movie even includes Loreena Mckennitt ). Now this doesn't necessarily make it more Pagan friendly.. but it certainly adds to its enjoyability. Also they deal with important issues like being true to yourself, the importance of friendship and forgiveness, and being proud of who you are. Not to mention they're just plain adorable.

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