Saturday, December 15, 2012

God's a Vampire

I have a four-soon-to-be-five year old. He starts kindergarten next year so the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook yesterday morning hits home. Especially since it's just one state over. Already people are trying to come up with solutions to make sure something of this horrific magnitude doesn't happen again. They say we need better health care. The people that commit these terrible acts are usually severely mentally disturbed and are not getting the treatment that they so desperately need. I've heard people talk about stricter gun control laws. Hunters or those protecting their homes do not need assault rifles. There are also the people that say there will always be evil people doing evil things and there is nothing we can do or could have done. To be perfectly honest I agree in one way or another with all of them. All arguments have good points, solid reasoning, and a heartfelt wish that things could be better.

Then there are people like this piece of human trash, Brian Fischer. I read this and literally got red. Apparently this asshole thinks that this happened because there isn't prayer in schools. How fucking stupid do you have to be to hear about this awful occurrence and that's the first thing that popped into your head. According to him "God" is a gentlemen who does not go where he's not wanted. WHAT??? Well thank you for giving me yet another reason to be thankful I'm not Christian. I guess all of the boys and girls who are Christian and go to church, and go to Sunday school, and read their bible, and pray are taught to believe that God's totally there for them, until they go into a secular building then all bets are off and they're on their own.

This sick jerk isn't the only one who believes this crap. Already I've seen the facebook memes where a child asks God why he allows violence in schools and his response is "I'm not allowed in schools" Yes apparently even though he's an omnipotent deity he has the limitations of a vampire on Buffy, he can't come in unless he's invited. These same people always forget the violence that takes place in churches.. the molestation in the Catholic church, are you going to tell me prayer isn't allowed there? I highly doubt any of these nut jobs would be saying the same thing if it was their child, or grandchild, or family member who was gunned down in a school.

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