Saturday, December 1, 2012

Book 8: Eye of the Witch

I decided I should probably do a proper intro for Eye of the Witch with a picture of the cover and the synopsis before I do a review. I already read the book so I know how it ends but I wanted to pique your interest.
Eye of the Witch is book 2 in the 7 book Tony Marcella Mystery series by Dana E. Donovan. If you're interested it's currently available in the Kindle Store for free.
'Back in the game, are detectives Tony Marcella and Carlos Rodriguez with new comer, Dominic Spinelli. Together they race against time to solve a mystery involving a string of suicides that suggest a pattern of something more sinister. It's not enough that the clues in the deaths of three women seem to indicate who the next victim might be, but because of the ties that bind their pasts, every potential victim is also a potential suspect.'
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